ADDM Teradata DB connection solution

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ADDM Teradata DB connection solution

Post by hudatolah » Thu Jun 02, 2022 4:36 pm

Just wanted to share our experience with getting Teradata integration configured and there was a syntax issue with Documentation.

From: ... n-solution

download.label=Driver download page at
download.notes=Download the latest drivers
driver.enabled=true Database Beta driver DB Driver
translation.database=Database Instance Name
translation.port=Database Connection Port
translation.endpoint=Database IP Address
translation.extra_parameters=Additional JDBC Parameters

Make sure you get the driver version JDBC Driver : Teradata JDBC Driver Sample Programs
and use the argument LOGMECH=LDAP in the extra_parameters as well as the other default settings like ANSI and UTF8.
Following these simple steps will allow you to connect and query the database. We've just spent 4 days trying to get this work and I hope it will save you that research time.

Documentation unfortunately shows a question mark in the driver.url which will not work.
It also missed the setLoginTimeout and port settings, although these were not crucial in making the connection work.
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